planning and design

The best time to take the mould is as late as possible in the pregnancy to get the maximum size. A home visit will be arranged to cast the mould. This is also a good time to discuss the design options. 


Raku is a second firing. It is an ancient Japanese technique which results in the distinctive crackle effect, copper sheens, and metallic blacks. This is an added option depending on your preference.

100% unique

Each Belly Bowl is hand decorated. Leaves and other textures can be pressed into the clay to create a design. Mandalas are scratched in by hand.

The mould is preserved so that even if your Belly bowl happens to break, a new one can be made.

Do It Yourself

For those further afield, a D.I.Y. kit can be sent to you for casting the Plaster of Paris mould. This will then be sent back to Cape Town where the ceramic bowl will be made.

Pricing Options

Our range of Belly Bowls start at R950 for the classic, undecorated earthenware up to our top of the range Raku-fired hand crafted designs. Our prices are simply based on materials and complexity of design (more complex = more time).

Please note, Earthenware is fired in an electric kiln and results in the clean, clear colours. The Raku firing gives you the crackle effect and deep rich tones.

All glazes are mixed by hand and so colours may vary.

Prices are as follows:

Classic undecorated Earthenware – R950

Classic undecorated Raku – R1199

Mandala Earthenware – from R1499

Mandala Raku – from R1699

Burnished Mandala red or white – R1999

Plant Impressions Earthenware – R1699

Plant Impression Raku – R1999

Hand painted designs Earthenware – R2500

Hand painted designs Raku – R2700

Kintsugi ‘Cracks’ – add R300

Gold Rim – add R100

Wooden Ring (stand) – R150. Choose between Maple, African Rosewood, American Poplar or Yellowwood.

The DIY kit can be sent to anywhere in South Africa and  has everything you need so that your partner or friend can cast the initial plaster mould, which is then sent back to the studio where the final ceramic bowl is made. This is an additional R350, and it does cover all courier fees for 3 trips – kit to you, mould back to studio and finally the ceramic bowl back to you.

For residents of Cape Town, a home visit can be arranged so that I can cast the mould for you. Travel is charged at R3.50/km. If you would prefer the DIY option, the kit costs R250 and includes the courier fee within Cape Town. 

Custom Designs – Price to be discussed.

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