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Celebrate the beauty of your pregnant belly with an aesthetic, sophisticated Belly Bowl. This is not only a keepsake of your unique pregnancy but a stunning original artwork, bringing homeware into a sentimental space.

“A beautiful reminder of a magical time.”

It’s amazing how it freezes that moment in time, creating a masterpiece out of my uniqueness that will forever remind me of the most magical experience of my life. The Belly Bowl process is quick and easy, even therapeutic. It was incredible to see that the shape of my Belly Bowl was dictated by the way my daughter was lying that morning.
belly bowl cape town_pregnant Vicky Stander
Vicky Stander
Mother to India-Rose


The process of taking the mould is very quick and easy: no standing or sitting around uncomfortably for prolonged periods. The mould for your Belly Bowl takes just 15 minutes to cast in the comfort of your own home.

An auspicious occasion

A Belly Bowl is an ideal group gift for a friend or family member who is about to bring a new life into the world. The resulting unique Belly Bowl will be the talking point at the dinner table for years to come.

ONe of a kind

Like each pregnancy, every Belly Bowl is 100% unique. From the shape of your baby bump, to the colour, texture and design you choose.


.The DIY kit, which arrives at your door, has everything you need for your partner or a friend to make the initial plaster cast.

The kit comes with illustrated step by step instructions that are really easy to follow. The casting process is quick, easy and fun! Many couples find it a great way to bond before baby comes.

Once your cast is dry, you can pack it into the sturdy double walled box that comes with the kit. You let us know when it is ready and we make the booking for the courier to collect it from you.

Your cast is then sent to our studio in Cape Town where it will be used as the mould to create your beautiful ceramic belly bowl, with the design of your choice.

The DIY kit is free however the 3 transport trips are additional, please refer to our ‘Prices’ page.

Individual Styles

There are so many options when it comes to selecting your perfect Belly Bowl! The best way to experience our wide collection of colours and designs on offer to create the perfect Belly Bowl for your home is browse our previous creations.

Click on the VIEW ALL STYLES button below.

planning and design

We usually recommend making the cast at around 36 weeks. That way you get a good sized bowl with less risk of missing if baby makes an early arrival. Of course every pregnancy is different and you can decide when the time, and size is right. 


If you already have an existing cast, we can create a brand new bowl for you, so your special memories are given a brand new lease on life. We can also fix any broken casts.

100% unique

Each Belly Bowl is hand decorated. Leaves and other textures can be pressed into the clay to create a design. Mandalas are scratched in by hand.

Latest Creations

A selection of the latest Belly Bowls and their unique designs chosen by our happy clients!

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Open chat
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